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Oh, Lisa, I'm so happy for you! (and a just bit jealous of Brenda)


Yeah! We don't want you running yourself into the ground. I bet Brenda is a big help!


Oh, I think we're all a wee bit jealous of Brenda. Wowza, I'm glad you got help, and that you're treading water. How go things with the Moms? Take care of yourself!

Jan Clark

Well done Lisa! And Brenda, we customers welcome you! We look forward to seeing your designs.


go team!


Most excellent! I'm glad those nasty rumors weren't true. ;) And now I'm jealous of Brenda playing in all that fibery color-filled goodness. Is she the woman you met at TKGA?


Congratulations on your new assistant!! Smart move. You may just survive all of this well-deserved success after all........:-)

Helle from Denmark

A "little" jealous??? WOW...that is a big understatement!*LOL* I'm green in the face!!:-)) But I'm sure are glad, that you got some help!! Maybe you will even get some time for maybe angora,, other stuff!:-)


Yay for help!


Congrats on needing (and getting) the help!

AlisonH in CA

What they said. Yes.


I'm glad you have some help - it'll be fun to see what designs she comes up with, too!

It sounds like YOU like her, but the real question is, do Tank and Sashie like her????


I'm VERY glad the rumors were all greatly exaggerated. Welcome Brenda! (I'm envious)


I miss your voice but glad you are good busy! Wendy just posted more pics of your sock yarn. It's even making me want some and I have like three backed up skeins!!


I am so glad you called in the troops. We didn't want you to work yourself silly and we truly miss your voice. I hope you get some time for yourself too.

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