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Helle from Denmark

*SLOBBER* I'll bet there is a lot of goodies in those parcels!!*LOL* Wish I had x-ray sight!*GRIN*

Did you get my emails Lisa.....emails have been lost before, emailing you!:-)


Hurray for you, Lisa!! I love to see people I like doing well and you deserve it.
I saw Wendy's post last night and my first thought was 'boy is Lisa going to be busy!'

I wish I lived closer - I would love to be your yarn and dye flunky. ;-D


We love you, Lisa!

AlisonH in CA

Having grown up in Maryland where the green takes over the world--I should have taken a picture of the vine growing along the telephone wires last time I was visiting the folks--to me, Lisa, your back yard is gorgeous. Green! Nothing wrong with a little green in California. I love my Sky Blue and Peacock Sock! Merino yarns--the colors remind me of many a walk along the C&O Canal back home.

Kristin Knippenberg

Yo Lisa, I AM a lucky girl. I suppose one of the packages on the top is mine. :) Thank you! I've wanted to order from you for several months now, but stuff comes up ... vet visits, unexpected bills, etc., ... I realized suddenly that despite your spike in sales, chances are, NONE of us is ordering as much as we would order if we were independently wealthy. We are only able to covet and lust. Is it a sin to covet LSZ sock yarn this much?


Just popping in to say Hi. Hang in there, good and bad seem to be cycling through your life in a pretty frenzied way right now, but as your story illustrates, when you're going through hell don't stop there! Wish I could be your assistant....

AlisonH in CA

One of those packages was mine and I just got it already and I am sure one happy camper. Alpaca Lace in Shade Garden. Gorgeous. THANK YOU, Lisa!


I promise not to order anything else till the furor dies down. Aren't I generous? heehee Go warm up that tea.


Hi Lisa! Yes, definitely hire help! She can do the things that anyone can do, to allow you to do the things that ONLY YOU can do. A good system, that! So fun to see things going well for you. :-)


We missed you this weekend:-( It sounds like you were plenty busy though. I only bought one skein of yarn, I'm saving up for convergence!!!

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