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Every time I look at your blog, I say, "Oh my goodness!". You are truly the dye queen.


That's a really nice colorway. It's surprising, one wouldn't expect primary colors to go together, but the way you've saddened them up or shifted them slightly really makes for a striking combination.

Sheila E

Rollin, rollin, rollin...keep that dye pot goin....
Couldn't help it....;P More to (excuse the pun) die for off!! It's a Wonder!! teehee

Lisa S

Yeah...that's it...just showin' off. :o) More like...just have to get these things off of my brain! Thanks for writing in, you guys.


Did you also hear that sharp intake of "Oooh!" from over here when the picture came up?

And, glad to know I'm not the only one who dreams in music...

Tom C

Oh my

Oh my

Mombassa in cashmere???

I can sleep tonight a happier man.

May as well just put my name on it now. I packed up all my yarn and didn't leave a single skein out to take with me to Europe. Think I can have some Mombassa cashmere on my doorstep in two weeks?

Helle from Denmark

Ohhhh.....I like this one. It reminded me of something, but couldn't remember what it was. Now it just came to reminds me of Victorian, and Royal stuff. Beds...dresses etc......for many years ago. I would have called that one Victorian, or Royality!!:-)))

But it's sooo yummy....wanna be my friend???*GRIN* Another thing to add to my unwriteable wishlist!*LOL*


Oh I do like that one! I am just going to have to order yet MORE sock yarn from you, woman. I agree, it looks like royal robes, with gold satin linings.

Holly the webmaster

I've been knitting with the Mombassa tonight -- the Merino sport -- and I feel like Isak Dinesen is going to sit down beside me any minute and say "I had a farm in Africa".

Lisa S

Perfect, Holly. You "got it". .."this water belongs in Mombassa". :o)

Helle from Denmark

Ohh, I really want to see how it looks like.......the knitted Fabric Holly. :-)))


I agree with Jen, on this one! Actually, I have seriously been avoiding your blog only because I am so trying to work this summer from stash only!!! Good grief, what's a yarn-a-holic to do? Your colors are just stupendous!


WOW, that's seriously gorgeous. I covet =)

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