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Sheila E

I WANT, I WANT.....DAMN IT!! You just keep doing it to me Lisa!! tee hee! So that's what's been whirling around. I love them! TRUELY! You magical woman you.
Didn't someone tell you new colorways were coming???
Who...prehaps Debbie Reynolds?


You took the words right out of my mouth, Sheila. Every time I think there's nothing more here that I can want, she does it again. ::sigh:: Beautiful, beautiful...

Helle from Denmark

Wow.....I like both of them. Those colors would look awesome in garments. Hmmm...maybe you are doing those colors in some sport weight yarns???*GRIN*


How do you do that? How is it that you can make me, who LOATHES brown with a passion, keep wanting your brown colorways? First Petryglyph, and now this! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Tom C

I'll be your best friend in the whole world forever if you do those colorways in cashmere or angora.


Helle from Denmark

Tom....does that mean, that your "desire" is,, that i should send white angora to Lisa, to dye??*GRIN*

Lisa S

Oh quiet and go to Italy. :o}

Holly the webmaster

I'd like to see them in her silk and Merino blend...yum!

Helle from Denmark

Or maybe the Wensleydale.....who takes dye so well!*GRIN*

Jan Clark


Tom C

I only have two eyes - one of them sees cashmere and the other sees angora. It's a kind of fiber-blindness. It's rare but I have it.

Anyway, I know you've already thought about it. You were thinking about it when you first started dying the sock yarn. Uh huh, you were going: "Oh my gawd, I'll bet this'd look cool in handspun cashmere or angora."

And then right after that you thought: "If I show this colorway in sock yarn, dude from down south is going to start hounding me for it in cashmere."

Let's just say that neither one of us is ever going to be free of the other. Something in the Scorpio ethers...

Yes Helle - send lots and lots of white angora.


Well, I am constitutionally immune to brown, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it when someone does it well.... It's very nice and yay for inspiration. I like the one on the left best.


Oh that sock yarn is just stunning - I love those colors! Hmmm...I just finished a pair last night and my needles are now empty...


I wish I could see it in person! Even though it isn't blue, I LIKE it!! Good job. I have the same issues as Hollyo, I was taken for a ride by petroglyph and loved it.

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