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You're back! Welcome home! I'm glad you had a good time, I'm glad for all the friends you got to see, and man, was I going through withdrawal. As in, no, I can't order any Petal in... Or Sock! Merino in... Sometimes you just have to wait.

And hey, on the time zone thing? At least, when we lived in Indiana for a year (Purdue U), the eastern half of the state went with the east coast time, and the western half went with Chicago. Really confusing to the airlines' scheduling systems. But the people made up for it--you're right, they're very nice. Crazy as all get-out, running to the top floor of the math building to watch the tornado that one time, but never mind. Welcome home! (Did they leave any for me?)

Helle Reed

Ohh, Now I am jealous....why do I live in Denmark!!*GRIN* I really wish that I some day, will see you...and the other girls LIVE!:-)))

Thanks for a wonderful report....sounds like you have to invent a colorway called "Corn"!! *LOL*

Boy...Did I miss to open my browser, and see some news on your blog!!! That is way better than a Newspaper!!:-))


What a wonderful travelogue! I loved seeing the drive east through your eyes. MickieD's with flatpanels in the bathrooms?? I'm too East Coast for words if that amazes me. Your descriptions are entertaining, amusing, informative. I want to play in your booth.


i'm exhausted just reading your post!

Lisa S

Thanks guys, it is good to be home. The trip home was interminable but each day we gained an hour. We learned about hit-you-in-the-face thunderstorm humidity the way home in Lincoln and then learned that people can shoot off aerial fireworks anwhere in Evanston, Wyoming. Yup...the evening of the third was spent in our jammies out in the parking lot of the motel (with our new friends from Oregon) watching people shoot hundreds of dollars worth of fun into the sky, marveling over how much trouble we would be in if we had them in California. That's ok, they spent the money and we didn't blow our fingers off or light half of our state on fire. :o)

Hell, Vanessa, I'm STILL tired...

kathy cochran

Welcome home. I wish I could have gone to Convergence. The photos of your booth make me drooooolll!! Iowa is green, isn't it?!? We travel quite a bit, and whenever we return "home to Iowa" I do marvel at it's lushness. Glad you had a good experience in your drive thru. We do have nice rest areas...and yes, public art is a biggie too. but Shhhh.....don't tell anyone. :)
Kathy (Hoping to order more stuff soon!)


That silver shrug in the last photo is exactly what I am looking for! Can I order this pattern from you?


Wahoo, you're home again, Dorothy! We missed you, but it sounds like it was a wonderful show. I really appreciate the description of Iowa - my mom was born there, but I have yet to make it. :-) Thanks for the travel log - fabulous, as always! The booth looked great.


Too bad the corn wasn't ready to eat - nothing quite like corn picked that day.

Glad you're back home and feeling better!


So glad to see you and DH are back in one piece. That was one mighty fine piece of driving all that way in the BAV!! We all missed you around here and the travel log was great! I hope to get there next year! (And btw, you haven't seen green until you hit the Bluegrass country here in KY! Well, that is until the end of July! lol)


Hey Lisa - I'm posting here for the first time. Yeah - I like hanging out together...except I'm way behind the 8-ball on MY blog. Isn't that typical??? More to follow, and some questions, too. But I'm so glad you're back. Hope Tank's doing swell, given his operation. Love ya, V


I'm glad you got to check out those Golding products, aren't they something? and great customer support too. How funny to be traveling slowly enough to notice when you gain an hour - not like on a plane where you just get off and it's a different time. Oops it's 4:00 again, lookie! I am glad you will be less tired when you come to Baltimore, though...


How fabulously tempting it all looks. And it all fit into that van???

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