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I love your colorways and their names! And the new yarns do sound yummy. But angora/merino for socks? How long will they last?


Hm, new sport weight silk/alpaca. OK I will hope to get a handful of that at Stitches...

Hi Chris, I bought your Mazurka last year... I just spun my first angora blend (not on the Mazurka however...) I would probably go with that merino/angora for something other than socks, too. It'd make a great shawl.

Lisa S

Not everything needs to be hard wearing, my dears. There are people on this planet that love bed socks. Hey, I have commercial socks that have a little angora in them and these puppies go in the washer and dryer!


The dyed fiber and handspun is so pretty! Ever since I became a spinner, I think dyed fibers look so much more interesting than dyed yarns. I see more possibility in them, for color mixing and blending.


Ohh Agua fresca is just so pretty. It would match my dress for my sil's wedding perfectly but alas I have run out of time;-)

Helle Reed

Alpaca Lace weight just sounds sooooo yummy......and preetttttyyyy colors!*DROOL*

I can see, i have to take another pic, since you thought that the pic i send you looked like your's not.....not even close.....but I admit that the pic i send you, where very blur. Will have to take another shot!!:-)


Those of us living in the hinterlands are lucky enough to use those dreamy fibers for bedsocks - it's the best thing about winter! The problem is picking which colorway goes the best with my gym shorts and raggy t-shirt. And alpaca silk?? OMG. We will be talking about an order for me SOON.


Mmmm. The new angora/merino sounds like it would make wonderful gloves! And the alpaca lace...uh oh, I feel another order coming on. :)

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