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Sheila E

Beautiful!! I love the socks!! How lovely to bring together such wonderful artistry.


Gorgeous. Oooh aaah.


Beautiful spinning! Love the loamy stuff. Not sure I can see the gold, but I can imagine the effect.

Helle Reed

Ohhh, what a bunch of yummy pics.......!!! :-))) Finally Im over the flu, so i can keep "track" on you again!!*GRIN*

Im about to become a "Gram"...hehe...our cat Mimse, is about to give birth......think it could be today, the way she is gasping for air etc!!:-))


Cute Socks! and Beautiful Sock! :-) I do love Earth Birth it will be next on my finishing spinning list of fibers. Then I've got to get some more Emerald City!

Vick Stiefel

Ahhhh - the new stuff is sublime, Miz L. You know how much I love glitter, and I'm especially drawn to that marvelous earthy stuff. Yum, yum! Thanks for the notes on my blog. They make all the difference. Hey, I just read The Grief Shop's PW review. It's a rave! And I'm damned lucky. Love ya, v

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