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I WANT A KNITTER ANTENNA BALL!!!! ME! ME! Do you see me over here? I want one!

I hadn't noticed the pattern in that sock toe before - that's great!


Oh, MAN, do I want one too! I always threatened to ArtCar-ify my old Honda (before it got totalled) to look like a spinning wheel, and my kids threatened me with secession if I ever did such a heinous deed. This, though, would be so cool across the age spectrum. Can't wait.

The other thing that hit me was oh no! I didn't do your swatches in that yarn! I'm sorry! It's just, I had that deadline two days later to FedEx my book, and I sent it off with what turned into 103+ and pneumonia. I'm almost up to knitting again. So I truly do have an excuse. But I feel awful I didn't do it.

Nancy J

antenna balls????? oohhhhhhhhhh... (and gorgeous sock, too!)the magnet was a great hit on the back of the pickup at knitting camp last week!!! thanks!


And, and, we can't wait to see that alpaca/silk!!

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