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Last time we were there it was still immersed in concreteland. The elephants had a moat and a straight-up embankment to keep them away from visitors, and not really (if you're the size and strength of an elephant) a whole lot else. I remember commenting that what would one do if a quake struck and they spooked enough? The Loma Prieta 7.1 was a week later. The elephants stayed put, but a wolf went running down the streets of downtown for awhile there.

I'm delighted to see your pictures and to know it's an animal-friendlier place now. And notice that lion is lying on the rocks? Let's stay nice and cool there, thank you very much.

Shnicklefritz, meantime, as always, steals the show. Such a cutie!


Wow those lions are something. That mane is so Tina Turner. Tigers look like cats to me, and female lions, but those guys with the manes look like something unrelated to my fuzzy house pets.


It really does look like someone's been styling that mane!

And little Fritzy Boy is getting so big!!!

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