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Alison Hyde

Thank you, Lisa, you're a dear. And I'm so glad you've got your power back.


I wonder what the temp is like where Ken is now??? heehee

Glad you at least have a little comfort back. Don't know how you did it.

Lisa S

Ken likes it Steamy in the summer and Snowy in the winter. He also really loves Target, dogs, fiber and squash.

The FOG is deep inland this morning. I am wearing PANTS that go to my more scaring the neighbors. :o)

Lisa S

Hmmm, that is weird. I wrote ankles...what is that up there?


Greetings! I wanted to let you know that I just e-mailed you a copy of the ring code from the RingSurf admin. site. You’re listed as a member of the Fiber Arts Bloggers webring, but your blog is in the queue at the moment as you haven’t the ring code up on your blog. If you want to e-mail me when you have the ring code back up and whatnot, I’ll check it out and get you back into the ring as quickly as I can. Let me know if you need any help! :)

Vicki Souza

Oh my Lisa!! Do you double-dog-dare me? Of course I would be happy to share my work (although I think I have some talent...not so sure about über talent!!) Thank you for your vote of confidence. You are the best MIL one could ask for.
Love, Vicki (the DIL)

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