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Some days Life really sucks, y'know? I'm glad you have your bright colors and soft fibers to keep you grounded - and the rest of us, too.


Oh my, I hope your Mom is ok. Hang in there, woman. And what an event to look forward to on Saturday - Snickle's first trip to the zoo! Have fun!


I just wish I could make your mom all better. But meantime, John and I had a ball. Thank you! I could not BELIEVE that three and a half hours after I called you at noon, when we showed up that yarn was dyed and dry. Um, but, Spare the Air, drive less, right (oops.) All in such a very good cause... Lovely stuff, Lisa, just gorgeous. And thank you so much for letting me blow your plans out the window like that. A big shout-out to Tink for the help, too.

Then I spent today tagging all those projects, smiling, going, ooh, look at all these Lisa colors. As they used to say on that old Hawaii Five-O show when I was a kid, Book it, Dano!

FedEx tomorrow to Martingale. Now I just need a really big box. And fast.


I tried to comment once but didn't know what to say. Enjoy your mom while you have her. It sounds like she is at peace with her place in life. That is such a blessing. I knew my father didn't have long and we spent lots of time together and enjoyed every minute. I have no regrets.

Have fun with schnicklefritz!


Happy zoo day!


I'm sorry for the pain of transition and loss. Sending good thoughts your way.

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