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Oooooh! Aaaahhhhh!! Love it! Thanks for the pretty picture.


you and me both! love the berry poppins :-)


Ugh. I'll quit complaining about my 98'.

I love the Berry Poppins!


It's almost that hot here too. Ewww.
I am not very hopeful about the middle east. Even here, thousands of miles away, where we are not really involved, people are acting insane. On Dailykos people are fighting the war themselves in the comments. One cynic said he thought the situation was so intractable that the fighting would continue until only one party was left standing, and a bunch of people started accusing him of advocating the destruction of Israel.


Yesterday it was 118 F here in the backyard. In the shade. :P I feel your pain. Love the new colorway. :)

Lisa S

Ok Rosemary, you win! We only got to 110.5 and then it began to fall a little. 118...were you standing over a geyser up there in Geyserville? Good LOOOOOOOORD! I hope that the babies could play in some water. My babies just found some tile floor to flatten themselves against. Not much knittin' in your neck of the woods...I got back to dyeing once the sun went down and man, everything dried nicely over night. :o)


the heat makes me wilt just thinking of it...and here we are heading to chicago in a week or so...i'll stop complaining now.

Sheila E

Glad now that we live in the PNW!! I have been complaining about the gray cloudy days and the sun coming out at 4pm.....I'll shut up now (maybe).
Lovely new colorway Lisa!!


I've got AC, and it only hit 98 here, you wanna come dye some of that gorgeous colorway on this side of the bay?

Sheri in St. Louis

Mother Nature's fever - love that. She must be really sick here in St. Louis, where it feels like you're walking in warm jello when you venture outside. All the more reason to hang out in air conditioning and knit.....

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