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Welcome back. It's nice to be at home isn't it!


that is one cute grandchild you have! glad you are home safe and sound :)

Helle Reed

Cuuuuute pic of the Mini Souza......he might have another last name.....but there is Souza in him!!*GRIN*

AND..I cannot help myself....I never thought I would get to say this.........and I just HAVE to say it......LISA IS KNITTING LAAAAAAACE! *LOL* I will suddenly stay tuned my dear!!!:-)


He has hair too, Schnicklefritz does! I remember when Emily sat - you sort of plop them and their base spreads out a little bit and the chubby legs stick out and you think, what is this small thing that looks like a kid??

I like the shrug a lot! Can't wait to see it in November.

Lisa S

Thanks you guys. I think that Schnicklefritz Dude is pretty interesting and wonderful. I have to make sure to remember to pay attention to my daughter and SIL so that they don't feel like wallpaper. :o)

Yeah Helle...lace. LACE. I like lace STITCHES...I just don't like lace weight YARN on my needles. This fingering weight merino is just fine. Size 6 US needles are just small enough, thank you! Oh yeah and sometimes I use STRAIGHT needles. GASP! :o)


Hey - that shrug is pretty nice. I have a question about the construction, though - would it be easy for a long waisted person to lengthen as needed?

I love babies......


I love the expression on his face! Today the plastic, tomorrow, the wool, bwaahaahaa... Or maybe it's the needles or the wheel. Either way, they're his, as soon as he can figure out how. Such a cutie.


schnitzlefritz is a genius! and cute too :-)


Well, I did leave you a comment yesterday, but it is not here - I did come by and read...

Helle Reed comments are gone too....even some Lisa wrote is gone...what's up Lisa?? Have you by mistake deleted it??:-) And not long ago, it started again.....this thing, where I have to write some letters, numbers etc.....before my comments enters here. it Typepad who is having problems??:-)

Lisa S

Typepad threw up last night. It's not me...really. :o(


Oh yeh - the kids moving away. I know how that one feels. They're still after me to join them in Utah as a live-in grandpa, babysitter, circle of life kind of a thing. I hope you won't suffer too long - it's just no fun when the kids move a long ways away.

It was fun taking a few moments away from being a tourist here in Rome and catching up on your activities Lisa. Lots to catch up on one of these days when I get back. That Mombassa is still haunting me. I can totally see it in a Pussy Cap! Still haven't been to visit my favorite yarn shop here in Rome - maybe tomorrow. I wonder if they carry your line???

big loves

Sheri in St. Louis

Oh, you're a good mother/mother in law. I know you must be so sad that they are moving, but you're being so darned mature about it. :-) You'll just have to schedule in regular fly-bys to them, right? Great motivation to sell more yarn! (And that little guy is SO darned cute......)


How do they get so big so quick? He is going to be a heart breaker. He already has that look...


I'm digging the lacy shrug.


At the risk of sounding like one-upping, as in, my kids are moving farther than your kids, my DD and DSIL are moving to Vermont. Great opportunities for the newlyweds, but still, crum. Though I hear you can get really good ice cream in Vermont. (Connecticut? Um, well, I hear they have really great commutes in Connecticut...)


Schnicklefritz is lookin' cuter by the day! And no worries, Lisa. My shawl is your shawl. Any time! :) So...are you enjoying the lace? *g*

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