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So good to hear Tom's coming out of it alright. Go Tom Go. And I just got my mail handed to me by my mailman: my first pair of Sheila and Michael's circs. Wow and oh wow and gorgeous and hey, why have I never seen a pair of circs before with such a perfect and soft cable? Where's everybody else on this one? They've cornered the market.

Meantime, glad you like the shawl, sweetie. I thought you might like that color...

Sheri in St. Louis

So HOW QUICKLY did she knit that yarn up??? Beautiful shawl! And I promoted Sheila and Michael's needles on Knitter's Review Board today. They're just gorgeous. Glad to hear they're selling well. :-)


Thank you, Sheri! I did most of it in the last week. It took I'm guessing about 15 hours' worth of work.


Wonderful news about Tom. That shawl has my name all over it ;)


What a pretty shawl! Great news on Tom too! I was just thinking about how he was doing this morning while I was spinning. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I'm glad I got my circ's early too. That's wonderful news on Sheila and the show. Thanks!

Vicki S

Wonderful about Tom! Superduper, kiddo. Made me smile, big-time.

Lisa S

Wow Barb, you are an early riser. I thought that I was the only one up early on a Sunday. Alison's shawl is really really pretty and innovative and of course stupid me, I just fling it on the Judy...hmmm, ALISON notices that it is inside out. oops...blush. Hey, that proves that it looks pretty either way.


So glad Tom is coming along with those antibiotics! Viruses are such scary things! Can't wait for that book to come out now! Love that shawl!


Great news all around! I'm so glad to hear Tom is making such good progress. Very excited to know that Sheila and Michael's needles are selling well too - can't wait to hear all about it when she returns.


Amen! Glad to hear Tom has turned the corner.

I asked Vicki to pick up some needles for me when she was at Stitches, so pretty soon I can be one of the cool, hip knitters, too.


Yay for Tom! and Yay for Alison, that shawl is lovely, I like the shape a lot.


That shawl is fabulous. Wow. And of course, it is also super to hear Tom is getting better. I'd been thinking about him...all our thoughts and that cashmere definitely did the trick!


You guys are wonderful. Thank you, everybody! And thank you Lisa for keeping us posted on Tom.


That's fabulous news about Tom!

The color on the shawl is so refreshing, very aptly named colorway.


Lisa - your right on! Alison's shawl is really great. I don't know Tom, but as I read this blog more, I have a feeling I will and am so glad he is doing better.

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