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So, question for you, how does the ruby compare to the valentine's red?

Lisa S

Oh, it is a jewel tone with a bit of a toning color that makes it a bit richer and deeper.


I had no idea you had a blog. How did I miss that? I've been lusting after some yarn dyed by you, seemingly forever, and have linked to your yarn site more than I should. I was unable to get to Convergence this spring to see your booth....but I will someday. Love your colorsense. I'll be back regularly now.
just wondering, did you ever get up to see that pc of real estate with the barn with the skylights?



Helle from Denmark

Ohhh, do I love the blue-green colorway.....that just looks so gorgeous!! Yum yum.


Emerald City Sock??? EMERALD CITY SOCK??? Sorry to shout - but I MUST HAVE some. Will you tuck a skein into your suitcases for me when you fly east? Caroline's Shopping List, entry #1. Wow. Socks to match my sweater. Nobody will recognize me with my clothes coordinated like that!


Emerald City in SOCK! Wooooo wooooooo! I'm in love. Now the non-spinners can knit with this beautiful colorway too, and spinners who don't want to spin sock weight. (That would be me in the later catagory) Thanks Lisa!

Vicki S

Okay, most folks are orgasmic about the Sock! I confess it's the Wild Things Bunny stuff that's got be going WOW! Love the other colorway, too! So many choices, so hard to you-know-what.

Yum, yum.


Ooohhh, Ruby! Why is this particular red calling to me? I'm a blue person, not a red person.


Lazarus has risen from the dead and has fallen in love with Fat Bunny! Now this is one amazingly wonderful yarn; everything I love about a fat yarn for my beanies. The hand is scrumptious, the finished fabric is thick and substantial and with all of that angora in it, promises to be ultra warm. And of course those colors that the girl is famous for!

Lisa knew I'd love Fat Bunny for my beanies and she was right. I've already got my order in for more skeins that I can afford. Thanks Lisa for continuing to provide so many amazing yarns to all of us yarn lovers out here. Fat Bunny is yet another winner in your ever-broadening circle of winners!

Lisa S

OH! (Jumping up and down) Look everybody...look who came back to a computer! It is TOM CLARK the Beanie Cap Guy, fer cryin' out loud! WHOOPPEEEEEEEE!

Vicki Souza

Tbe ruby is sooooo beautiful!!! I am in love.

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