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Sheri in St. Louis

Love the cute dog photos! I remember a professional photographer once saying in a class that black animals are often hard to photograph, but you did well with these!


Thanks for the pics! I love the pictures on your blog. It always brightens my day. I'm on a bit of a yarn diet until I get the kids outfitted for school. In my heart, I want it ALL!


Having once gotten an email from the owner of a mill carefully explaining to me at length why it was perfectly reasonable for me to have a goodly bunch of knots in my expensive yarn, thank you thank you thank you Lisa for holding those guys to higher standards.


Issabuddysqueezyfacekissyfuzzyhoneydoggies. mwahbubba.


thank lisa! we call our yellow lab, madaket, "wiggle worm". she NEVER sits still :-)

Vicki S

Love the doggie pics, as you know I do! And I would like to add that bassets take up very little house room, while a large amount of heart room. Yet the heart is one of those areas where the more we give the more we seem to have. Very odd. Very lovely.

Glad you liked Ms. Bear. As fall approaches, they arrive earlier and earlier in the day, since they're very hungry and will soon be sleeping. LOVE the new alpaca/silk. Oh,just touching it is bliss. Plus I love the way it takes color.

Alison and Sheri - So glad you wrote and like Ms. Bear. We don't approach them, but stay inside and photograph through windows. A wiser course, don't you think?

Lisa - is it wrong to write in someone else's blog to other blog readers/writers? As you know, I'm new at this. Hummm.


Lisa S

Thanks, you guys. Alison, we'll see how far I get with my crusade against lowered standards. With two workers here yesterday we got everything wound and knots were found in about 45% of the skeins. Woe is me...

Kerry, Tank sends you kisses, as well as ear and elbow nibbles (especially when I have put some of your creamy lotion on my elbow...HEY! I was usin' that! Quiteatinit.

Vic, you can flap your lips on the blog any time you want. It has become somewhat of a kiosk these days and all for the better. :o)

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