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Office, windows, skylight and insulation, close to DD and Snicklefritz. Oh man, this has to come together. This must be why the other one didn't happen. Are the planets lined up right?


I'm thinking, GO! Go see! At least then you'll know.


buy the damn house, if i had a schnitzleftritz i'd do ANYTHING to be close to him ;-0


Hmmm, and . . . what, exactly, is the PROBLEM? Sounds pretty perfect to me!


A few months on his contract? By the time the deal closed, there would be even less time left on his contract! There is a reason that things fall into place by dear. Go look-see. go!

Jan Clark

And he likes it too? Go, girl.
(But don't take Tank. He'd stuff the ballot box).

Helle Reed

Ahh, still thinking about moving.....?? Let your heart make the dicision...if the house, is good....and etc.......then why not!:-)

Hehe..when you are done cleaning.....could you come by our house......things looks like a mess here.....could use some cleaning when Mike is done.....!!*GIGGLE*

Vicki S

The Sierra foothills sound absurdly delicious. Sigh. Seems like a Must Do to me, kiddo!


I'm late to the conversation (as usual!). So, did you go look at it? It sounds perfect, especially with the Schnicklfritz proximity!


Sounds great! What's the catch? Or, rephrased, what are the reasons to stay where you are?

Lisa S

Oh...The Husband still has a job and we would have to move ourselves and our mothers...a couple of major trees across the road. The timing just seems to always be slightly OFF...perhaps this came about to force me to ask for what I want, which would be such a building with the plumbing installed, ready to for the Dyeworks. Shutting down the business to get the house ready for civilians AND move is still a freak show. Perhaps once I get through Stitches East and West, I will have a message from the ether...the house may still be on the market, who knows.

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