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Very Cute!! And the hat is awesome too!

Vicki S

First off, Tink's daughter is adorable. Second off, love the yarn and the pattern! So when are you gonna post it? Yum, yum.


Love the hat and the daughter, and that Milk and Honey is just asking to be petted. Have a great trip to Italy, Tink's Belle!


'Fat Bunny' is a great name for the yarn. Tink's daughter is cute as a button and I love the hat! Although, seriously, Lisa, I'm going to have to stop checking out your blog. All these great new yarns and colors? Too tempting! That darned new business venture has me on a rather strict yarn budget and all I can think is "..mmm, must buy Lisa's yarn..." You are a bad influence. ;->

Helle from Denmark

Bad influence......yes....that sounds like Lisa!!*GRIN*

If I went nuts on Lisa's website, there wouldn't be any money left for food for the kids...and my bank would be very unhappy with me!*GRIN*


Love that colorway.

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