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Sheila E

Now you're talking my language...from Mars directing energy in the morning sky, to the incredibly beautiful colors that come through your yarn. Good that you are honoring Mars' by channeling it into creativity....and naming your new colorway for him. You, as always are on the cutting edge. Beautiful Lisa, definitely goes on my list at the top of my favorites.


That is exquisite!




ok lisa, you're killing me here. that mars is gorgeous, as is the emerald and ruby... but the mostest gorgeous of all is the schnitzlefritz :-)


Whoa, wait, back up, I'm not done with really really wanting to go play with the ruby and emerald city yet. Problem is, you can dye faster than I can knit!


gorgeous gorgeous color yarn... might have to get some :)

Could Mars be the reason why everyone's sooooo p!ssed off in the office??? This week has been something with everyone snapping at anyone.

I had to laugh with that cat picture. I clicked on it to get it bigger and the way the cat is standing it looks like her behind is levitating (her back paw's off the ground)... Real funny... especially with that look on her face :)

Cheers Eva


Alpaca Lace - Mars Quake - Lisa, you're killing my budget! That is so gorgeous. An absolute Must Have!


Oooooooohhhhhhh!!!! I luuurve this one!


OK, well, the obvious question is: can Mars Quake find its way into Fat Bunny? I'd so super love that one! (Would it be terribly brazen to suggest cashmere???)

Just wanted to abscond with a line or two of your blog Lisa and thank everyone who has wished me well and been so supportive, caring and giving during the past few weeks since I ended up in the hoshpital with menengitis. So many caring people out there - I've been overcome at times with all of the love I've felt coming my way. It's made all the difference - it's what kept me here, that I know for sure. So thank you everyone. I don't know how to say it more eloquently than that.

To those of you who sent yarn, wow, that's been the best medicine ever and I've loved every inch of all of it. How thoughtful and generous. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lisa Souza is the queen of the universe. I love her. (And the horse she rode in on.)

big loves,

p.s. I'm mending well and quickly (all things considered) but finding myself still a little dazed and confused over everything that's happened.

Lisa S

Oh, and are here, too! Yeah baby...Tink and I looked at each other as soon as the Fat Bunny in Mars Quake was skeined...Tommmmmmmmm. Don't worry, you'll get some! I'm just thanking the Universe for getting you back on your feet...that and all of the thoughts and prayers and yarn offerings, cuz I know that if anything could bring you back from the Nearly Dead, that could. YIPPEE!


Hey - it's Tom! Hello, glad to see you up and typing!
Lisa (aka yarn temptress), you are totally to blame for weakening my resolve to stay on budget this month. (note to self - must hide credit card and stay away from Lisa's yarn p*rn site) ;->

We have the same 50's ranch windows that you do, we refer to them as 'prison windows'(I can't remember the origin of that nickname - probably just some of our usual weird family humor).


TOM!!! You don't know me, but I've been rooting for you and adding my prayers to everyone else's. Having had meningitis last summer, and having had prayers help keep me here a few years ago when I was at Stanford with a massive Crohn's flare.... Yes. I think I understand what you're saying. Me, anyway, I felt I couldn't let people down by letting go, and I'm so very glad I did not. I'm so glad you're still here! I just wish *I* had thought to send yarn, had I only known where. Keep getting better, and thank you for sticking around. Lisa needs you!


I just placed an order with you, I can see I will need to place another. Great colorway!


Ye gods. I have yarn I bought from you at Stitches West that is un-knitted but often-fondled. I have no need of any Mars Quake. But it is just so darn gorgeous!!! What to order, what to order....


Oh. My. God. I am going to drown in a puddle of drool. *gasp* The alpaca lace in Mars Quake is exquisite. Incredible. Gorgeous. *ulp*



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