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Yowsers! Meningiococcemia (blood poisoning from bacterial meningitis) is horrendous, a cousin spent a week in the ICU with it--the doctor took one look at him in the ER and told his parents point blank, I give him 50/50. He was lucky, he made it. The very fact that Tom is still alive is tremendously hopeful. Thank you for letting us know, Lisa, and please tell Tom he's got prayers from over here with him. All my best.


He is in my thoughts and prayers.


I'm sending healing thoughts from here, too. Keep us posted.

Sheila E

Thanks for letting me know. I'm on it. He already has many circling him in white light. It's time for all of us to use the healing powers we are gifted with. Love is the best healer and I know that he is surrounded in love. Keep the faith Lisa.


My love and care to Tom and all who hold him close.


Oh man! I will put him and Lilly in my intentions.


sending a beam of white light to idaho.


good thoughts for Tom coming right up, and continuing as needed. Please keep us posted.


I send my love and peace to Tom.

Helle Reed

Ohh NO....!! Im sure he will be fine.....!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!! He is a fighter....he can beat this!!

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