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LisaK, you are my kind of woman! That's beautiful! And oh LisaS, that Schnicklefritz is so beyond adorable. Made my heart happy just to see that smile of his pop up on my screen, and his daddy's too. (He's got that "guess what I'm going to get into, Grandma" twinkle.) I so need a grandchild, but I'm quite enjoying borrowing yours from afar in the meantime.


Okay, Lisa, for your next post will you be telling us about how Mr. Souza cuts down the mightiest tree in the yard with....a HERRING?
ps - that's one cute kiddo you've got there!


He could just melt your heart:-) Lisa K's shawl is awesome:-)( I mean your new shawl;-)


Lisa, Mr Shnickle has exactly the same shape face as you! It's just so obvious in that photo! He's such a cutie.
Enjoy the shawl and think that Sam and I are wearing the same thing (more or less, given handknitting...). Great job Lisa!


Lisa, how much Sock! did it take? Were you able to make it with one skein? It just so happens... It's beautiful in that blue!

And little SF, what a doll!

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