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Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.... you helped make mine as well with all your great news and adventures. I am looking forward to the pics!


Sounds like a pretty perfect home for your MIL. And you got to have Tom Time yesterday. It must have been such a relief to see him, in person, for real, being okay.

Now just wait till Snicklefritz learns how fun it is to play with the button that controls the hospital-type beds, if the grandmas ever have to use one. Up, down, up, down. As long as he doesn't add in every baby's first words: Uh oh!


Everything is coming together, your best pal is better, you found a great home for MIL, life is looking up! I am so happy it is all working out.


Cool! Now if only we had yarn p*rn... uh, I mean eye candy ;-)


A friend just came over, and had to step around the St. Valentine's circular shawl drying on the white backside of an old quilt on the floor. "Ooh, who's that for?!" I dunno if that was supposed to be a hint, but I thought I'd pass the word along that she thought it was just gorgeous. Such a pretty color!


I'm glad you found a home for your MIL that you are happy with! Sounds like she will be in good hands and good company. Also glad to hear your friend Tom is doing so well, driving around and playing in the yarn and all.

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