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Hi Lisa,

Will you be going to the Kings Mountain Art Faire this year? You didn't mention in your post today about the weekend, just have to ask! (to confirm my disappointment?) well, I'll miss visiting your booth.

Take care,


LOL... I've been thinking about what you wrote about Mars and the influence he/it has on us... And suddenly I realised we'd all been cranky and shortfused in the office this week. Normally I'm the only one blowing my top at stoopid things, but this week all of them had a go at things. And this afternoon I nearly killed one of them... well, I did... verbally... and got the back up of my boss for it!!! YAY!!! Let's hope that Mars will return to his usual spot soon :)

Cheers Eva


Kings Mountain won't be the same without you, I debated even going... Good luck with your mother in law and I hope she beats that infection back and gets comfortable again. Meantime, I love your handsome devil there. Goes well with his namesake yarn.


thanks for the gratuitous dog photos :-) i'm not even going to think about calling you until mars is somewhere else in the solar system...

Vicki S

Yeah, Tom! You rock! Happy, happy. What else can I say other than my Gracie sends you a big drool. If you go to, you'll see her. Just a peek at her brightens spirits. So welcome back, Mr. T. And, you, Miz L, with those Gor-gus colorways. I'm drooling, too. Must say how I adore the Tankanator and Sasha. Schnickelfritz will get over it. Promise. Love the new hat pattert and the Fat Bunny. Yumanufalous. V
Oops - P.S. - Robin's Little Devil is quite delicious.


Yow, 6K. Yeah, these places don't come cheap. Good luck in your search!

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