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Well, THAT'S pretty! do you ever take a break from being such a genius, and rest your brain?? By the way I got my Emerald Sock and I want to throw aside everything else and start knitting it. But I won't....

Sheri in St. Louis

I saw this on their message boards last night. Beauuuutiful work! I hope you post some pictures of it all knit up.

Lisa S

I just don't know, Caroline...the creative energy has to come out somewhere. I used to knit one of a kind art sweater for a "living" and no longer have the time to do it because of the success of the yarn business so this gopher has to pop up somewhere. :o) It's fun to be asked to do something and see if I can rise to the challenge, as you well know...

Thanks Sheri. Tink tried to snake out of here with one of the first skeins and I gave her a loud Skunk Eye because I had a feeling that stuff was going to roar out of here, as it already has. I'll throw a small skein on the table today, when I am doing more runs...that way I will have the privilege of being a swatch knitter for once. I can use my beautiful Violet Ernst Needles!

Sheila E

It is very rich and beautiful Lisa. I love what you have done with the contrast of these two ladies...and the party in between. You are ON! Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity to shine. Two angels to help you!!


Lisa, you are rocking and rolling! LimeNViolet is gorgeous!


I'll be at Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's booksigning tomorrow night in Los Altos, KIPping with my Valentine Sock!Merino yarn. I started a circular shawl this afternoon and am just starting the bottom section already--I love this colorway! At the same time, I have to knit it up fast so I can go test-drive the next colorway, and then the next, and the next...


You temptress! It's gorgeous. :)

Lisa S

Oh MAN! It is gorgeous and then it is is gorgeous again and then it is gone...more money for the's all good. I am so busy that I can't even pull together a POST!

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