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Oh those are so pretty! I love the socks too.

Nancy J

Quail in the the concept with the colorway... What a splendid visit you had!

Sheila E

Thanks ALOT Lisa for putting the word out there. Dealing with the baffoons is making it quite hard to get the new circular page you know. Luckily we have Holly on our side.
I love the new sock colorways and patterns....and I was so happy to hear of the great fun that you had with Mr. Silly and his parental and grandparental units. He must think that he was put on this Earth to entertain....DUH ;)


Love my needles, love those socks. Hey Lisa: Nina showed up, dragged me up the hill, and I remembered you to Kris Kunihiro yesterday, my favorite KMAF potter. She missed your being there, so I brought you in spirit: I gave her a big long lace scarf made from your baby alpaca Shade Garden knit with a strand of kid/silk laceweight that I'd dyed purple. The two yarns sparkled and danced and played gorgeously together--and matched Kris's shirt as well as her pottery. Exactly what I was hoping for. She was beyond thrilled to be able to take a piece of you and of me home with her.


Hey -- Sheila's circular needle page is finally UP! It's time shop, shop, shop! These needles are totally terrific!


Judy Sumner is my favorite designer (and a wonderful lady). I have been waiting for months to treat myself to some of your yarn (I don't even really care which color, I love them all) but I am certainly going to get the yarn kitted with one of Judy's patterns. Then, of course, I'll have to get another! Hmmm... only two and a half weeks until my birthday, I think I deserve a gift (or two)...

Glad you had such a nice time with your family. Do we get to see a new photo of Schnicklefritz? He truly is the world's cutest baby!

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