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Thank you, Lisa! Yup, it's DH Richard's fault, he started setting one up while telling me I had to have one. Ta daa, there you go, now go write something.

The turkey.

Sheila E

Yeah...a new posting!! I have been waiting for the latest installment! Glad to hear that Alison has a blog to add to my already mounting list of people to read. I'm getting computer rear!! Can't say that I am glad about that, but there are so many interesting things to read.

Can't wait to get Vicki's book!! I know, I'll be hooked too!! Reading for the plane trip to Baltimore.

Sometimes it's.."no rest for the weary" my dear. Only bubbles can help that. ;)


Is it really getting that close? Yikes. I don't even know what I want yet and you're almost ready to close those packing cases. Hm maybe a lacy shrug in garnet?? I am thinking it will be a Garnet season, just bring lotsa Garnet and I will buy some!


It must be such a wonderful relief to have your MIL all set up before you have to take off.


peace, success and Energy!


I think I got the url problem figured out. I hope Stitches is a blast. How's schnicklefrritz doing?


How is your MIL settling into her new place? Sounds like a good place for her.

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