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I didn't know when Stitches East was, so I was wondering if you were on the road already, it's been so quiet. Glad your site's back! As for El Dorado--I've got a scarf in it in Mardi Gras right there looking at me as I type this. Love it.


Make sure to let us know which ones you're discontinuing! I may just have to pick them up before they go away completely. :)

(And there's an email here half-done for you, too -- I'm playing Catch Up From Houseguests And Not Sleepingness this week. :>)


Oh what is it that you are going to discontinue???
Hmmm... I love those kind of shows and so I clicked on the link and some weirdo HTML mumbo jumbo site came up...

Cheers Eva


Glad you found a way to get here efficiently! I would never have thought of Amtrak but it makes total sense. If you need to send anything here last-minute I can hold it for you.

Lisa S

I am going to quit dyeing most of the cotton yarns because they are a ROYAL PITA and once the Merino Sport is gone (non-Superwash) it is going to go Bye-Bye. It is GREAT for felting but that is about it. Now, if felters start yammering and get me to keep it, then it will stay. No need to pass out, thinking that I am going to eliminate Lace or Fingering or any of the other wonderful basics. If YOU think that something is a fabulous yarn then it is likely that *I* will think that it is worth keeping. I am going to quit carrying the undyed Henry's Attic yarns as well.

It is very interesting to find notes here that did not get into my email inbox. Hmmm....the Putzlesnutz Guys are at it again. Why can't they quit farting around up there???

Thank you for the offer, Caroline. I may take you up on it. You are a peach.


Lisa...did no on tell you...this week is Canadian offical Farting Around week...the company building my house is doing a bang up job of Farting Around!

Actually I think they invented Farting Around!

Lisa S

Hey Eva, thanks for the head's up about the link. I have a note in to the webmaster. There is a letter missing in the link addie that I copied and so you can't go there until the code gets one little tweak. I DO want to remind people that "TInk" is really Brenda Patipa and that she has some mighty cute designs up on the site (more coming, folks). She is more than the woman that helps to keep me organized, after all...those of you coming to Stitches West will have plenty of time to gab with her in the booth. It is going to be a lot of fun.

Michelle...National Farting Around Week. Fabulous. Is there beer involved? :o) Of course MY Canadians forgot to turn on my email this morning after 1 AM and so there was more of the berating of the Putzlesnutz Brothers. Fun for the whole family.

Vicki S

Thanks, Sweets, for noting my new book, The Grief Shop, on your blog. I am soooo thrilled you like it. Makes my day.

The Amtrak suggestion is simply brilliant! How come we don't think of trains much? I know, I don't, yet they're quite amazing and quite sane compared to other modes of transportation.

So excited about Fat Bunny, not to mention your newest yarns. I'm pumped, pumped, pumped!


I'm glad your site is up and working again, and extremely excited about the possiblity of new yarns! (happy dancing in VT). About two months ago, you and I emailed back and forth about the best yarn for worsted socks, and I ended up picking the Joseph's Coat colorway -- just thought you might want to see what the yarn turned into when it grew up!

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