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I looooove Biffle. What a glorious fiber it is. Those pictures are so tempting. Must resist!

Helle Reed

Is that stuff as soft as it looks??? Nothing else to say, that you are one evil woman!!*GRIN*


Yummmm...YUMMMMM!! Can't wait to see it in person at the Stitches East Show. Can't wait to get big hugs from you as well ;)


Reading your blog gets me all fired up and re-energized! Thank you sweetie!


Oh Lisa! I can't wait to order some of this!! (Have to save some pennies up first, tho.) Only wish I was going to Stitches East and seeing it and you in person!


Lisa S

Thanks you guys! Yes, it really is as soft as it looks, having a hand that makes it next-to-the-skin yummy but also a lot less "pilly" than Merino. I think that it is my all around favorite everyday wool to knit with.

Sheila, I can't wait to give you a big old hug and June, I wish that you could come on up! It really requires baby steps for me to make such a commitment to travel this far with my set-up but the mountain needs to come to Mohammed sometimes. :o)


Y'all can keep your Kid Silk Haze, to me THIS is crack. BFL rocks.


I needed to recharge my batteries last night, so I picked up the last of my Petal in Earth Birth and started in. Got about 6" into it, went, nah, that's not the pattern. Ripped it back, started over in a small leafy pattern: that was it! Sugar maple colors in the fall, lights ablaze. Perfect. It's coming along nicely.

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