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Good work on that fence! Well done, and congratulations. As for gophers, we planted gopher plants from seed awhile back; the roots give them poison ivy and they stayed clear for a dozen years after (got our first few holes back this year.) They proliferate like crazy, though, so if you don't want a whole bunch the next year, ditch the seed pods.

Love the needles/yarn combination; too cool. And the photo of running for joy, tail up, free as a bird. The life of a dog.


The backyard looks ready to rock and roll!! Congratulations I bet Rod is sore;-) Good luck next week!


Go Rod!!

Nancy J

Just Excellent to have a back yard back! And Tank can be a dog!!!!


What can I say? Rod rocks. :-) That looks wonderful - I've dug through California clay before, so kudos, and hats off to him!

Helle Reed

Wow...that sure looks wonderful! A lot of hard work!:-)


love the fence! rod one, bambi zero. ya could have thrown in a tank photo....
have a safe and profitable trip!

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