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Helle Reed

Oh My Godness. That sight of that big pile of yarn, can really make my hands itching. YUCK. Wonder if there is a magic spell, who can make me grap it out of the screen!!*GIGGLE*


I want a calico cat. I want a calico cat. Someday I shall have a calico cat.

Yes make sure you bring enough goodies that there will still be something IN your booth on Saturday when I show up...


Yay! I cannot wait for Stitches East!

Deb B

Oh! Just last night, I finished Sock #1 out of Gendarme and I must say, it's my favorite of the colorways so far - it's striping beautifully and the colors are so rich. I cast on for Sock #2 immediately.

Berry Poppins is sitting patiently in the stash to be next. I think I just need a couple more colors and I'll have Souza Socks for each day of the week :)

AlisonH (with server down for hopefully only one more day)

You show us all those gorgeous yarns, and that bag, and those socks (go Audrey! Go Tom! Cool!) and then wish we'd hold off just a bit. I'm with Sadie: I want to climb in it right now. You do such gorgeous work, Lisa (said as I am wearing the Shade Garden alpaca laceweight circular shawl that I took off the blocking needles in the middle of typing this.)


Blocking wires, not needles. Gah. Where's my brain.


I want to *be* a calico cat, at Lisa's house! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures. It never fails to brighten my day. Hmmmm... that mahogany is pretty gorgeous.

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