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My first reaction to your saying your Stitches yarns were all packed and ready to go East was to think, Oh good, now I can go order...! And then thought, nah, wait till she gets home, give her a break.

I can't wait till you get home. Have a wonderful time! And wait till you see the fall colors blossoming under your plane as you come down into BalWash airport. But meantime, it sounds like everybody else who loves your yarns had the same impulse I did. For good reason. Nice stuff.


Have a wonderful time and much success at Stitches, Lisa! Can't wait to hear from you when you get back - I always miss your posts while you're gone.


Bon voyage! I wish I was going with you. Nice links, to good stuff...thanks. Can't wait for the Stitches reports.


Wow! See you really soon! do you want to come have dinner with us Thursday? I forget when the show opens.

I hope there are some fall colors under the plane. Around here, some trees are green, some trees are yellow, and some trees are already brown.


I cant' wait to see you and of course the yarn in Baltimore! I have been waiting months!!!!


LOL - Tank is growing into his name :-)
Have a great time at Stitches! I wish I were going it sounds like such a fun time. I can't wait to read about it when you get back.


It was funny for a moment when you mentioned the name Tom Clark! There is Tom Clark who teachs phototgraphy here in Frederick, MD but it is not the same guy. And enjoy Bal-mor hon!!!! Make sure you get eat a crab cake and walk all over the harbor area. (It is a very short walk from the convention center.) And unless you are really hungery, skip the all you can eat Philips place at the harbor and just go to the resturant. (Last time I checked the price was something like $25 or $26 for an adult.) And don't forget drink Maryland beer! Beer and crabs with Old Bay!! Yummy!!!


thanks for the gratuitous doggie photo :-)

Helle Reed

Ohh, I envy those who meet you in real!!:-))

Are Tank really bigger than Sasha now.....or did I get it wrong???*GRIN*


To Lisa's blog buddies -- got an email from her this morning and Stitches East was great!


Lisa, if you get a chance to see the C&O Canal before you leave, look for the water turtles swimming next to you--and the beavers, in some places.

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