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Oh, cool, happy birthday! And happy birthday a tad early to Rod, too. Happy birthdays!


Happy Birthday! And Many Happy Returns of the Day, as Pooh says to Eeyore. Glad to hear it's a day full of treats. (I love my yarn, BTW. Don't know exactly what I'm going to knit yet, I'm still happy just squooshing it.)


SO very glad to hear about your wonderful birthday. You deserve it My Dear, you are a hard workin' Mama!!, a great friend and a we are all blessed to get to enjoy your birthday with you....even if miles away!!
Big Fat Hugs to YOU!!!!!

Dave Daniels

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you got some pretty great presents. (I'm a fellow Libran.)


Happy happy birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration.

Tom Clark

Didn't know, at least not consciously, that it was your b-day when I called. But there you have it - the wonderful connectedness of this wonderful friendship. No coincidence I guess that I've been working with your yarns since early this morning and thinking about you all day.

Big loves and hugs to you sis!
Happy Birthday!


And I had cast on with my Shade Garden alpaca laceweight for my second project with that gorgeous stuff, and was thinking of you when I read your post. That rain outside? It's getting the flowers ready to continue the celebration. Shade Garden. Yes.


Happy birthday girl! See you soon!

Helle Reed

You sure have been spoiled!!:-) But you deserved it Sweetie......! You are one magnificent woman...!!:-)

Lisa S

Thanks you guys. I an NOT used to being spoiled so much and so it was all a big surprise. My usual gift to myself on my birthday is to go to my local high end nursery and get enough perenials to spruce up a flower bed. I give myself permission to fart around in the garden for the day. No such permission THIS year because there are so many orders still on the old dye sprinkled whiteboard in the dye room. I did, however get a box in the mail from my favorite mail order nursery, Papa Geno's. I took advantage of their sale of perennials and will plug those little guys into the garden this weekend when The Husband is at the Cal/Oregon game with The Daughter and SIL. Anyway, I highly recommend this small company for the quality and attention to detail. There is a Geno, just like there is a Lisa and I know because I got an email directly from him when I had a question. Good Nebraska folk, just like some yammering people I know...

Janine B.

Happy happy birthday, Lisa!


Happy Birthday!


So sorry I missed wishing you a happy, happy on the b-day! But, here it is belated but heartfelt! Happy, Happy (Belated) Birthday, Miz Dye-o-Magic Mama! and many, many more!


Happy (belated) Birthday!

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