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That shrug is darling! I'll be thinking solar powered thoughts for you today. :-)


That shrug is cute, and the sun is shining and it's warmer than yesterday. So far so good.


I gotta tell you (probably again) that I just LOVE felting with that new Big Wool. It felts so fast and the result is a wonderful fabric. I'm using one strand on size 15's US.


The shrug looks just beautiful!

And, circular, glass needles? Ooohhhh.....


Adorable shrug! Hope it's sunny there today; it is here. :)


What a talented designer Brenda is! I can't wait to order the shrug pattern, and yarn, of course!
Take Care!

Tom Clark

Did somebody say yak???

Vick Stiefel

Gorgeous shrug. Just wonderful. What a talent!


Is that black yak, blessed by the Dalai Lama?


A bit late with my comments... I was in OREGON while you wrote this and I can assure you in OREGON we had gorgeous sunny warm weather!!!! We were at the beach just in a Tee (and pants of course). Actually all 20 days I was there were warm and sunny and bright LOL. Guess SFB weather just moved north for me hihihi.

Cheers Eva

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