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Very cool. And welcome home.


Wow! I wish I could have been there. Although I don't know if my credit card could hold up to all that gorgeous temptation in person. It's hard enough seeing your fiber and yarn on my monitor! Glad you had a good time but it's good to have you back!

Helle Reed

Not got to meet all the gals. But boy, Am I happy to get at least pic to see, how they look like etc!!:-)

Welcome home Mama Lisa......hope you had a good sale!!:-)


Sounds like it was a good trip! One of these days I would like to see your booth in real life. When are you heading directly North?


ok, i'm exhausted just reading the post!

Vicki S

What a grand time! I'll be there next year, fingers crossed. And I couldn't agree more about the word in Washington. Victory is sweet. The boucle is magic, and I love it. Now, speaking of Flying Fish...??? Ha! I know, you have nothing to do, right? We'll talk. V


Did you wake up yet?


That was supposed to have a laugh at the end; I forget that blogger deletes anything with--um, let's see if I can type out the greater than/less than symbols without them being deleted again... <


Welcome back! The booth looks fabulous in the pics.


It sounds like you enjoyed Baltimore. But that was the harbor not the bay that you sw.. The harbor is part of hte Bay but you were in a bit. Maybe next time you come to Baltimore, arrangements can be made so that you can really see the Bay. Maybe a trip to Annapolis would solve that. But I hoped you enjoyed our seafood.

Lisa S

Yeah, the harbor. Duh. We saw a bit more when we were there last year as civilians, during M$&W time. That time we got to have some of YOUR crabs...around here in the SF Bay Area we savor Dungeoness Crabs and it is just beginning to be crab season! I hope that next year, when we come back, there might be a bit more time to enjoy Baltimore. I love the architecture heading toward and away from Penn Station and over in Federal Hill. It is much different than all of the relatively new stuff on this coast. It was good to see the urban renewal going on with buildings being gutted and refurbished. Good on ya, Bal'mer.


That Sheila really gets around. It's great seeing a familiar face online and at different events. Will you be at Stitches West in February. I'd love to fondle your wares in person. :o)

Lisa S

Yes, Stitches West in February. There is no let up on getting ready for the next hooptidoo. We will be there with bells on and without the help of Amtrak. You get to meet Tink, who will be working the booth with me.

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