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Lisa, The yarn you made with the inspiration of my home town is just stunningly beautiful. Thank you! I will be putting more photos of it on my blog in the next couple days. Your art work is amazing. I've started pouring over faroese shawl patterns. I'm so excited to start one with this beautiful yarn.


Great Schnickel shots (say that fast five times). Glad it was a good holiday for you.


I missed you:-) It sounds like you had a wonderful schnickle filled holiday!!!! Happy holidays to the Souza family may this new year bring much health and hapiness.


My little one has that wagon. It's awesome. Glad to hear that things are going well and the holiday was so awesome. The special dye job is amazing!


He is SO cute. And you should have seen my face fall as I read that you wouldn't be producing more of that yarn, but there are always others. The good thing about writing my book was the excuse it gave me to buy lots of Lisa yarn. Even better, the publisher talks about the sequel. Hey!

And thank you again for all those Miss Violet skeins you put out there for us and for her. Mine turned out just so gorgeous and perfect.

Lisa S

NO! I will be producing more Sock! as soon as the darned shipment gets here. Not to worry. From now on, my stockpile will be a lot bigger and I can't let him selling the promised last 75 pounds earmarked for me to someone else, which is what led to this fiasco. Of course, there are a lot of dyers out there who probably are not paying any attention to the knot problem, producing skeins with those knots. I hope that this new shipment is knot free so that Rod does not have to babysit the skeining machine. One thing, though...I will have some lovely grab bags of short skeins for creative sock knitting, at Stitches West!


i swear schnitzle gets cuter with every photo!


I meant in that colorway. Didn't mean to give you a scare like that, lol!


Barb absolutely loved her yarn and thank you again for creating that for us. It will be treasured for a long time. Schnickle is getting so extremely adorable - what a proud Grandma you must be! Hugs to you and Rod, and Happy New Year!


I stop by your blog now and again.Have finally been moved to comment by the beautiful Washington State colored yarn. I lived on the Pacific Northwest coast for a couple of years. You captured the colors and the feeling perfectly. Gorgeous. You are truly talented.

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