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I can't believe your orange cat won't be there in the window if ever/next time I make it over there. He just somehow seemed to go with the Agua Fresca shawl, you know? I'm sorry, Lisa...

The spindle, the yarn, and those needles are just beautiful.


Such a challenging day. I'm sorry for your loss. Warm thoughts and healing to your husband's mother and you all. What is life but a giant experiment in love? I sound like a yoga teacher (I'm not), but remember to breathe.

Thank you for sharing your handsome new yarn and those gorgeous glass pieces! Elegant beauties, both needles and spindle.


Thank you Stephen for mentioning what I should have added too, and my apologies. Best wishes to Rod's mom.


What a wretched day -- I'm glad that FT is in a better place, and sorry that he's left you and Cindy behind to miss him. I hope that the docs put together the pieces with your husband's mom, and that she gets well.

All that love you send you to us? Know that some of it is flowing back.


Holly Burnham

Oh my gosh....where did those needles come from? Have you tried them yet? And do they work smoothly? I am obviously not speechless, but in awe.


Hope everything is looking up for you today, and everyone is on the road to recovery. As always, your yarn and "one of a kind colorways" are beautiful! Tell me what the joins are like with the knitting needles. . . smooth? And good luck with the spindle! I am so not a spindler!

Lisa S

Holly, the needles come from The Ernst’s. They are magnificent and the points are even more wonderful than the ones in the picture on their site. I have used their needles in all different sizes and love them. The points are long and REALLY pointy, which is great for lace knitting and the cord does not kink. Those of us lucky enough to have these early sets (I think that they will be super busy after TNNA) are loving them.
Root around in their site. They have the most gorgeous crochet hooks as well. I say...with beautiful yarn and beautiful tools, you are all set.

Thanks Alison, Stephen and Kristine. We are hanging in. The mind is a fragile thing in an 89 year old and it could be the hairline fracture of her hip, the anemia, the dehydration (drink people, drink you water!) that is causing her to go wacko.

Ah yes, the picture of FT sitting outside of the office window, wanting to come in to chow down in the kitchen. That is another nice memory, Alison.

Kristine, I thank you for the kind words.

Kathy in Iowa

So sorry for the loss of "your" cat! Funny how they often know who to align themselves with - and how great of you and your neighbor to give him some good care in his golden years.

Also saddens me to hear of your MIL's struggles. We went thru a very similar decline with my MIL. It is very tough on all involved.

The drop spindle and needles are absolutely breathtaking!

Your yarns made my Christmas!! (And,my Santa very happy that he had chosen such a much-loved gift this year). A whole box of "Lisa Yarn" - what a rock on Christmas gift! Thanks so much!

Now - for that January birthday..... Cam-Oh may be top on the list..

Take care,


It's so hard to let go of our furry friends, even when they are ready.

Hope your MIL is on the mend.

The spindle is beautiful!

Helle Reed

Ohhh, what pretty colorway..........also the one in your previous post, who wont go into rotation or what you call it!! Just eye usual!!

Sorry Im quiet....but I do read along!! Hugs


What a day:-( I hope your MIL does better. Last year things were crazy for you too. I think you guys deserve a calmer new year. That is my wish for you:-)

Tom Clark

I love the Cam-o and you know what that means of course: yeh, like i even have to say it.

I got your message about the alpaca. Will call you tomorrey and talk about it. But right now I have Cam-o cashmere on my mind of course and nothing else is sticking much. :-)

You and color Ms. Souza, are soulmates. Soulmates I tell you, soulmates!


So sorry about your kitty-bud! Sending you a cyber hug...

Holly, the webmaster, is going to sleep in her own bed tonight and spend tomorrow hammering on British Air about why her luggage is in London and not in Seattle. Then pick up the crazy dog, restock the refrigerator since the contents had to be completely trashed (by our wonderful neighbors who were able to save my 80 pounds of organic blueberries) after 5 days of no power while we were gone and then sleep some more. After that she will be ready to pop new colors into the site. So get those credit cards ready! Happy New Year!


Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. Reading your story last night made me glad I keep a box of tissues near the computer. We had a big old ginger tabby tom too - he died last year at the ripe old age of 16.

Hope your mil is doing better. I think just about any stressors at that age can cause altered behavior and it sounds like she had several at once. My dh's co-worker's mother is 96, independent and sharp as a tack but the recent storm and 5-day power outage up here stressd her enough that her behavior was really 'out of it' according to her daughter (co-worker).

Awed as always by Sheila & Michael's artistry! And love the new yarn. You are so tempting! and after my public statement on FT about emptying the basement of wool (tm) a bit before buying any more yarn too. Promise me that any yarn purchasing indiscretions will be just between us? ;->
(sorry for the way-too-long comment!)


lisa, i'm wishing you a happy and stress free new year!


Oh!!! Those needles are the wild things colorway!Which I need to order some more and add to your already busy schedule.Also loving the camo colorway.My husband keeps looking at the credit card bill and asking "Who is Lisa Souza and why are we sending her so much money?"
Sorry about your kitty.Hopefully this year will begin better than the last one ended.Happy New Year!


I love the new colorway and must order birthday is in March, expect a rush of orders from the fam! :)
Hope the MIL gets better. Sorry about the kitty.
Hope your year gets better soon.


I am thinking of your MIL and your family and sending positive energy your way. I hope things are better very soon. Freddie was a very special kitty. He was so well loved and gave the love right back at you. I am sure he's enjoying his new freedom from the tired old body. I love the Cam-Oh! and of course the beautiful wonders from Sheila and Michael. I can hardly wait for Stitches West to come see all the lovely colorways you bring. Tom's got me thinking about Cam-Oh in the cashmere :-)


The dye-raj is about to have a really cold spell, Lisa--the US weather service is predicting "mid-zeros" for Thursday. I want to know, who the heck thought up that description! Snow big deal, though, right? Good thing we brought our snow shovel from New Hampshire 20 years ago, here, I'll lend it to you. Brrrr...

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