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what part of connecticut?


Congratulations all! Will Eric be willing to ship online orders? Meantime, yay on the help for Vicky, and thank you for doing so much for all of us with that yarn for her sake. Can't wait to play with it.

Sheila E

I am so pleased about...well everything, except the baby being a sickie right before his big day. Oyy, new teeth and the crud...Yuk!
Congrats to Erik and Vicki, it does sound like the right place for them both to be. Can't wait to hear the new name...and rooot for them and their success.
Great news too about being able to help our Sweet Violet get to the Doc. Isn't it wonderful when people raise the flag and get going. Accolades all around ;)


Oh man, the day care "germs" will be with them for a while. . . unfortunately there is no good solution when they are small and Mom and Dad have to work to pay the bills - it will only make the Schnicklefritzer stronger in the long run!

I hope you can get lots more orders for Violet, however, take care of you too and enjoy the happy occasions coming up!


poor Scnicklefrizt:-( I hope he feels better for the weekend.

Wow Ds and dil sound like they are living a dream! I will put them in my intentions!

Joanne Seiff

Congrats for your family! A b-day, a new business, and your business is doing such good for the world--Bravo! I really appreciate your support, Lisa. Sorry I haven't been managing to comment much lately, but I've been thinking of you. Yesterday I knit for way too many hours and my fingers hurt!


okay i am being a total idiot. i would love to order a couple of skeins, but couldn't figure out how to do it via your shop site. help!

Lisa S

The yarns are only up on the sock yarn pages, Marti. Sock Merino Supersport Sock! (you have to wait until I get my dyeing stock back in...long story.)


Poor Schnicklefritz! I remember those daycare years, one crummy bug after another. Hope he's feeling better soon.
How wonderful about your son's new business venture! I guess that entrepreneurial spirit must run in the family. :-)


Life is GOOD despite a sniffly Schnicklefritz. GO Erik

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