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Awwww..Happy Happy Anniversary. I hope that my husband and I will look at each other fondly after that amount of time. :)
Hope you have a great day and get some great goodies!


Happy Anniversary! The best kind of love story!!! Tell Rod happy anniversary from me too!


So few make it to 7 let alone 37. A very Happy Anniversary from one who celebrated 41 a few months ago. Mega hugs to you both.


WOW! How incredibly sweet.


Happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary!


Very cool, and I adore you both. Rod's a peach. You, too--happy anniversary!

Anna M

Fabulous!! an inspirational tale. I'm counting down to 18 years and it's just so fun to marry your best friend


true love :-)


Have a wonderful anniversary! You are one lucky lady!


awwwww ;) Happy Anniversary Lovebugs!


Yay, happy anniversary. I hope my husband and I are as happy for as long as you and yours are. We're working on our 5th year of marriage:)


I wish you another 37 years. I personally can only hope for such good luck in line.


Aaaaaaaaaw! Look at you guys! You are completely *adorable*! *sigh* Happy anniversary. :) May you have another wonderful 37!


Happy Anniversary Dear Lisa. You are both so cute then and now. And even if he doesn't carry your books anymore, he does carry your heart.


Happy anniversary! Adorable picture! Were you really that BLONDE???


Wow 37 years! Happy Anniversary, Lisa! (sorry my wishes come a day late). I wish you many, many more years of happiness!
Your story is so sweet and what a great picture - you are both too cute!

Monica T.

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on a happy life so far. Best wishes for the coming year!

Joanne Seiff

Happy Anniversary! Many more years of happiness together!


Awww, that's such a nice, loving story. Congratulations to you both, and may you have another 37 happy years.


Happy anniversary! How wonderful. Hope little Shnicklefritz feels better soon.

Sheila E

After reading everyone's comments....all I can say is that you could always trade him in for two 28 year olds and get alot more stuff carried :0
Now....on a serious are a WONDERFUL couple... and I love that I get to know both of you!
That picture made me all warm and fuzzy....& I think you are BOTH cuter NOW!!
Mega Hugs....

Lisa S

HAAAAAAAAA hahahahahaha :oD


Oh my goodness, Lisa! How wonderful, wonderful, wonderful for you both! Big ((((HUGS)))) and smooches to the happy couple! :)

Tom Clark

Yours is a great love story. So happy for you both. Love the picture Miss Skinny Thang. What were you, a size 1 or something???

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