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Holy Cow! That's gorgeous! I only wish I had more time to knit your yarns Lisa. Ok, my vote on the lace, of course I have to be difficult, and say what about something in between? Like 1400 yards or 1600 yards. I haven't seen many that take more than that have you??


More is better :)

Lots of triangular shawl patterns call for about 1250 yds. A square shawl can take between 1800-2800 yds. Circles are somewhere in between depending on how large they are.

I didn't help at all, did I?

(At least 1250 is what I am saying). I think.


I also vote from something in between 1000 and 2000. 1000 yds is not quite enough for a lot of triangular shawls and 2000 is just too much and not sure what to do with the leftovers. And if I wanted to make a large square or circular shawl, that'd be in the 3000-4000 yard range so I'd be buying multiples anyways.


can i just say that YOU ROCK!!
79 skeins!!!
i would buy some, but i don't want to overwhelm you further....
i have bought some of your undyed, superwash...
okay...i'm reaching for my credit card....


I made Kristine's shawl using one strand of your Shade Garden alpaca laceweight and one strand of (mumble) laceweight in a matching plain color. Large circle shawl, I think I used roughly half of the original alpaca laceweight ball from you, which was, what, 2400 yards? That one was a good-sized one. (Hey! I got a tentative book cover photo today!)

One thing about alpaca as opposed to wool is that it takes a larger needle for the same width and weight of yarn: a combination of the very slight fuzz factor and the inherent--I want to say wiriness, but that implies a lie about the feel of it. It is SOFT. But it is energized. It's just easier to manage on the needles if it's on a bigger needle than a comparable-looking merino would be. Knitted single-strand, I generally use about a 6--and that'll help stretch the yardage out on a project.


ps Josephine, that is just glorious! And Lisa, congratulations on doing such a fine job supporting Miss Violet. Go Lisa!


I hate to be a pain but I'd agree that somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000.


I vote for 1400 yards. That's enough for most shawls, with a little over for swatching and goofups. This stuff is so gorgeous it should be illegal.


I am glad I'm not the only one who is voting 'neither'! I was going to say 1500. Then, you could buy one for a triangle and be safe, and two for a square and be safe. Some more complex triangles run above 1000, and quite a few big squares run over 2000.


I'm so glad that you got so many orders! That wrap is just gorgeous!!


I'm with Caroline. 1500 is very versatile. That is a beautiful wrap that brings out the best in the yarn, the knitter, and the wearer, and it will only get better with time. Fine job, both of you.


1500 is perfect.


I agree, 1500-1600 would be about right. Personally, I'd love 2000, but I think 1500-1600 would be more universally accepted.

That wrap looks so snuggly. I wish I had a good sized wrap (not on the needles) today. It's freakin' cold today! :P


Gawd, that scarf out of the Santa Fe Cashmere is beautiful!! Almost makes me wanna take up knitting. But not quite.

I've had so much fun with my Santa Fe cashmere and am just now finishing up the last Pussy Cap with what I have left of it. It's alternating with black baby alpaca/silk and it's pretty darn dramatic.

I know in all the world there is no bigger lover of your yarns than me. It's impossible, that's why I can make such a bold statement!


Okay! 1500 sounds great!!!


Gorgeous scarf, I have entrelac/cashmere envy.

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