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Happy birthday, Schnicklefritz! And thank you, Lisa!--because I read that last line, went, hey, wait a minute, and bellowed over to Richard in the other room, "I didn't get *cake*!"

I think one three-day-late birthday cake is going to materialize tomorrow. I'm holding the Valrhona cocoa hostage till it does.


Not to mention, thank you so much for doing that for Miss Violet, and for every single person who ordered that yarn, who knitted/will be knitting that yarn, and for every recipient of things made from that yarn. Much good has been and is being done, because of you.


You are amazing.....


Happy Birthday to Schnicklefritz! It's amazingly hard to have a B-day so close to the Christmas holiday, I know, I have a daughter turning 17 on Jan. 5th! So, it's so great to see a big deal made on his account!

Got my order from you this week, and it's drop dead gorgeous. Now, to figure out what I want to do with these lovelies. . . I think I buy yarn for your major colorways then try to see what they want to be.

Take care -


Wow, Lisa! You are an amazing woman. What a cool thing you did. :)

Happy b-day to the little one!

And last but not least, TAG! Visit my blog for the details. Don't worry, it's nothing too heinous. ;)


i can't believe that gorgeous baby is a year old! what a fun christmas you will have :-)


WOW! I can't believe how many skeins were sold. Thanks for all of your hard work. You are amazing.....


Happy 37 years of marraige & Happy First Year of Grandmahood!


Merry Christmas, Lisa and family!


Happy Birthday, Schicklefritz! And congrats, Miss Thang, on reaching your goal so quickly!

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