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Congratulations on the calendar! And I can just see Schnicklefritz running his fingers through Erik's signature chocolate dessert, the one that made, what was it, Gourmet magazine, wasn't it? And then licking his small fingers with the biggest grin (I would too!) Next up, teaching him to knit... Good to hear Erik's making great desserts again.


Of course they chose your yarn! And I can see Schnickle the uber-chef developing his palate.

Lisa S

Yes,Alison. He had a recipe in a national pastry magazine and was also in the Bay Area yearly publication featuring up and coming chefs. Now he is back to the artistry of the kind of desserts that make people's necks crick from turning too fast to "look at THAT" when it emerges from the kitchen. He said that he has heard applause and has been told that people snap pictures of the presentation because they have never seen anything like it in their neck of the woods. He has plans to find a business to buy out there so that he can have his own patisserie, so that if he is working terrible hours, he is doing it for himself! I am so glad that he is back working as an artist again.
Thanks Laurie! I was quite flattered. I agree, little Schnickle is developing his palate early...heck, he even likes avocado.


I hope you enjoyed your day off and I can't wait to see that merino!



I'm mentioned & pictured on the Lisa Souza website!!! Thank you again for perservering in sending me the yarn I LOVE IT. When I have finished some socks using it I will send you another picture.

Loving your work!!

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