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I'm glad you have such a wonderful neighbor. What a kind thing for them to do! It's awesome that things all worked out and came together for you all, I'm so glad to hear it. I'm loving the Mother of Pearl that Jackie found for me at your booth. It's knitting up so soft and lovely. Thanks for the update! It's good to have you home.


I miss you! Seems like life is dealing us some interesting tests. I'm having serious growing pains but it's all good;-) It sounds like you situation is the same. You are all in my thoughts. Oh my! Schnicklefrizt is getting big, isn't he!


I am glad to hear that your Mother is feeling better. Dyeing can wait. Family comes first. Thanks for the great pics of Stitches East!


Wow, if anyone ever needed a cyberhug it's you! My Mother was also just diagnosed with pneumonia, she broke her arm and had to go into the nursing home (she was/is living next door using a walker, but with the broken shoulder/arm she is unable to even go potty without assistance) alost 3 months ago. She was getting better and even starting to try to transfer herself (she needs to be able to do this because I can't lift her because I have had 2 back surgeries). Mom's usual doctor couldn't see her for almost a week so I okay'd a new doc, who actually came and saw her and diagosed the pneumonia and got her on med's right away. We are hopeful they caught it soon enough so she doesn't have to go to the hospital. She is 90 and has bad lungs anyway. So trust me I know how you feel when you Mother becomes your new child. I don't mean that in a bad way, I just hate making decisions and it seems that's all I do now. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job of running around sticking your fingers in all the leaks of your life, so give yourself a hug okay and maybe a drink! I agree with the Rosa, above comment, dyeing can wait - family is first. Take care.


Hey you. It was SO good to see you guys. I am so glad you still came, and hugs to all four generations there.


Holy cow, woman, what a wild ride. I'm so glad that all worked out with your mom. You *do* deserve a stiff drink and a hug and anything else it takes to recover! Give the wee man a squeeze and take good care of yourself. Thanks for all the great pictures. :-)


Looks like a great time! Take good care and I agree with Sam: a nice stiff drink should do you just fine. ;)

Tom Clark

For somebody with so much craziness and stress in her life, you sure look fabulous. Maybe you should stay stressed out this much all the time???


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