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Those labs are dog tired. But they sure had fun! Thank you for the update, and I can't wait to see you guys. (I was hoping for a same-time landing, but no. Wednesday at BalWash for us.)


I enjoyed your post so much.
Tell me what your secret is for all the energy you have? Happy Birthday to you. I quit having them a while back. (about 10 years ago)but who's counting anyway?


Wow, your yarn is already on the way?? Can't wait to see you! If you want to come have dinner with us on Thursday just let me know. Turns out the Baltimore Marathon is being run on the 13th so it's a good thing I decided to wait till 2:00 to come downtown....


Happy Birthday. Great post. See you in Baltimore!!!!


Happy Birthday to the best Mom/Grammy on the planet! We love you THISSSS BIIIIIGGGGG!!!
PW & Snickle J. Fritz


Happy birthday!

I'm looking forward to seeing your wares at Stitches next week! I've got four lovely skeins of Sock!Merino in my stash (one is started--a lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today) and love your colors.

Sheila E

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from one Older Broad to Another....not that we will ever be OLD ;)
Thanks for a wonderful year of being My Friend and Confidant!!
You Rock and Roll along the bumpy road of life with me and I am Grateful!!


Happy happy birthday! Rod tomorrow, too, if I remember right?


Happy birthday! Sounds like a good pre-celebration, except for the virus.

Tom Clark

Big loves to you Sis!


Happy Day!! and have a great show. those lucky people..


omg, i'm exhausted just reading the post!
happy belated birthday, and have a great time in baltimore!

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