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Sending you big hugs and lots of positive energy. I was thinking alot about you today and wondering how you were. Thanks for the update.


You are sounding both weary and strong if that's possible. My prayers are with you all up there. Thank God there is still beauty all around to bring you a bit of happiness. Take care of yourself too..


If anything happens, please know you have done everything you humanly can to give her love and a future to look forward to. What I wouldn't do to come and visit with her and give you some respite.

Vicki M

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Having just survived this downhill slide with my MIL, I know how difficult it is to be there, watch, and not be able to do anything. Her withdrawal is a natural part of this process so don't blame yourself. The emotional load from all of this wears you out. Take some time for yourself and try to enjoy what time she has left. Life sucks sometimes. :-(


I understand, Lisa. I've been where you are. Many hugs and much love to you.


Oh Lisa. I'll be thinking of you. one day at a time.


"Bus in the gut". That is totally okay. I hope things get better soon.

Melissa the Weaver

Lisa, my heart aches with you, but I have to wave the good news flag - at the same time that you are struggling with all these Mom-issues, remember how fortunate you are to be living through this part of your lives together. So many of us are too far from our parents, in more than the physical plane. It's a huge challenge, I know, a daily, hourly, minute challenge, but it's also such an important part of life. And love.

Go with your strengths, girl, and keep on. Deep love and a warm, golden glow to all three of you.


this is a really hard time for you I know, seeing your mom like this. don't be hard on yourself, be good to you - and be thankful for your time w. your mom. keep her abreast of the cottage plans as they come up, she looks and is tired but needs a bit of time to do what her body says. keep dishing that love and your readers will keep you in our thoughts!


sending you courage girlfriend.


Sending hugs! I'm thinking about you.


Big hugs to you and your Mom, Lisa I am truly sorry for the pain this is causing you. We are all here if you need us!


Has her doctor given her antidepressants? As you know, my mom was like yours, but after 3 weeks of antidepressants, she began to perk up. This was back in September, and she's pretty cheery these days.
Just mentioning in case it might help.


oh lisa, it is so hard to see the once vibrant parents we remember as a child slowing towards the inevitible. my heart and prayers are with you.

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