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Redford Phyl

I think that's going on my Christmas wish list. Gorgeous — as usual. You are brilliant.


I like it! It's lovely and would look perfect on this redhead....hmmmmmmm

Nancy J

Very, very nice. And just my colors...


I have only two things to say: "Ooooooo..." and "Ahhhhhhh..." Simply beautiful!


*I* like it. It's gorgeous and beautiful and fantastic. :)

Poke at the blog for plain-jane Gendarme socks, if you'd like -- Robb loves them, hasn't taken them off since he put them on. I'm going to need a crowbar to put them through the wash. Or another pair. Hm...


It's lovely, Lisa!


Wow! Gorgeous as always!! Hugs to you and yours -


I am not even a big yellow fan and I love the colour!

Tom Clark

Beautiful colors!

The background is a little blurry but it looks like vinca to me. If it's vinca the blooms will be periwinkle in color.


i'm behind on my post readings. so i'm trying to scroll from the bottom up on bloglines. i saw this colorway. first words out of my mouth? that is f-ing gorgeous. i want. i'm putting it on my christmas wishlist!

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