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Sheila E

It's great to see you and all the critters...including Rod...having a good time on your land. Your flowers are lovely!....putting down those roots!!
I Hate Ticks...ick ;)


Ah, he was just going as an Irish Sitter for Halloween.


She, sorry, she--oops.

MsT in Rockville, IN

Oh, the joys of country living, Miss Leese! You've found the ticks...we've been seeing more and more of the deer ticks the past couple of years, in addition to the wood they have chiggers in California?
They sure do in Indiana! Not to mention poison ivy, oak, and sumac, as well.

I can deal with those things, what I find hard to deal with are the snakes. I don't care what their pedigree is.....I don't like them; Sam I Am! The Indiana skinks are kind of cute; but I want LEGS on my critters.

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