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Those patterns are wonderful! I feel an order coming on . . . :-)


Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous all around, patterns and colors both. Man, someday I'm a-gonna knit me a cool shawl or two, too... (ducking!) Seriously, the way the blue crescendoes in that Envy shawl, from almost white to brilliant medium blue within the overall green there, is just exquisite, Lisa. I hope you do come up with that again, I really like it.

Tom Clark

I don't know how all you crazy knitters do all that fancy stuff. I only know how to hook round and round and round. I'm in awe not only that you can do it but that you can then turn around and tell somebody else how to do it! Can you imagine me trying to create a pattern for my caps??? Well, first you go round and round and round and then you go round and round and round some more till you think you have a beanie cap. And then you tie off the ends and wear it!

Good, huh?

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