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Nancy J

hugs. and a stiff cyber drink.


Reading all thoughts and events regarding you Mom has brought back a lot of memories. My mother went to the same school, apparently. Even though I AM a nurse, she would not do anything for me, but would smile sweetly and acquiesce to HER nurse. We would just wink at each other. After spending 15 years doing home health and hospice myself, I had seen it many times before! many many hugs to you. Most important is to take care of yourself, walks and yoga and drink lots of water, and have a scheduled break hour for yourself a couple times a week.


My heart goes out to you Lisa! Having just gone through something similar with my mom, it really strikes a cord. Of course, I must say that my mom is a good patient (my father was an awful patient so I understand what you're up against and don't envy you the task). Hang in there!

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