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I'll be thinking of you guys. How hard is the waiting! I'm glad schnicklefritz is better.


Lisa, your shawl is going to be the warmest and most fun thing to wrap up in. I hope you get that home health worker thingie set up soon!


Hoo boy am I glad to see a post from you! Considering the content of your *last* post, I had a feeling that you were tied up with your mother's problems! Take care of yourself, sweetie! Big squishy hugs!


I had an EKG they didn't like--fifteen years ago. Don't sweat it, Mom, if you go to the doctors they can take good care of things these days.


The waiting is awful, and I hope it all gets better for you soon. One week, one day, one hour, one minute at a time, whatever it takes - we are all here for you Lisa!


I am sending warm thoughts to help get you through this awful time. Poor mom and poor you.

Jen Johansson

Big hugs of support to you and Rod, Lisa, during this time of transition. Hurray for the train museum! I grew up with trains as you know and share them with my children as well. Take care!

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