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OMG, I want to see a picture of Schnickle on Scott's backhoe!


Tree murder, that's funny! And something I would say too. Down here in so cal, you don't want to hurt ANY tree...but a shop! yea!! I wanna come...

Kerry Palm

"His own father was a meter reader and had been in the hospital four times with dog bites. He had two shiny scars on the calf of one leg and another scar somewhere no one saw. The Harrises had never owned a dog, and as long as his father was alive they never would. Grigg was five the first time this was explained to him, and he still remembered his reaction, how he thought to himself that his father couldn't live forever."

The Jane Austen Book Club, p. 123, sentences 5-8.

Happy Anniversary to the best-matched pair I know!

Jen Johansson

What a lucky schnickle to come to his own personal construction zone at Grandma and Grandpa's! Enjoy the heck out of his visit.

Tom Clark

Mind meld happened early on betwixt you and me sis. So glad you have your caps to keep you warm. I'm wearing one now and loving it. They just kind of get to be like security blankets or something, I don't know. My Joseph's Coat Cashmere is still my favorite and I wear it whenever I'm feeling cocky and sure and really want to strut my stuff. Which is kind of like usually always or something.


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